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IT IS TIME: Move Your Money Out of the US Banking System

This is a re-post from Lew I copied it here because this may well be a very legitimate concern and requires your action to protect yourselves; Act accordingly. For ourselves, we’re juggling things to move our money out of our bank accounts. We’ve been discussing this at home for several months. It seems not that easy! If you have thoughts on how best to do this, please comment. Thank you, Dean Striker

Bottom line: You are playing with fire if you keep any serious amount of money in a US bank.

It is time for serious diversification. Depending upon the size of your assets, there are different things that should be done. But almost everyone should have some cash and gold coins stored outside the banking system.

The Death Penalty vs the Right to Life

I’d like to have an honest discussion on a topic that struck me today in a different manner than it ever has.  The Death Penalty vs the Right to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I should state that I have always been in favor of the death penalty.  Yes, I know there may […]


THE DEATH OF A NATION It’s as though I woke up one morning to find I was living in a foreign country, one that was questionable, one that was so different than the one I went to sleep in.  It was most unsettling.  How did this happen? Of all the issues we face today, the […]

The Last In Line

America is a changing country. It’s far from the same as it was when I grew up, the last ten years have seen dramatic changes in what this country is all about. The people have become so politically divided, thanks to a well planned media propaganda blitz, there is no stopping the beginning of the […]


IMF Governance This article is a compilation of information from the IMF website. I would appreciate all input anyone has relating to the use of American taxpayers’ dollars that ago to the IMF, particularly when the US is essentially bankrupt. Many such articles could be written on each and everything mentioned. I am personally opposed […]

Armageddon on its way?

FTA The news media in this country are in a stupor. Either out of ignorance, or complete leftist bias to protect their socialist hero President Barack Obama, they have turned a blind eye toward the enormous disaster facing our economy.   The greatest Ponzi scheme in world history is coming to an end, leaving America […] © 2014. Free to share and reproduce if you simply show our credits. Thank you. Frontier Theme