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Morality is so simple yet so essential to Life and Freedom!
The absence of  Principle as a moral foundation  foists Force and Sacrifice upon all Humanity.
Our Natural  Rights to Life, Liberty, Free Choice, Property. Prosperity  and Happiness
are subverted to "the greater good".  Just what good is THAT?
America and the World has rejected reason as morality; mystical irrationality results.
The Gross National Debt
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What is left of America to support?   Collaborate on moral solutions for liberty and for ACTION! 
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Morality101 focuses upon the collapse of the USA & World economy, and the causal immorality,
  • We're in debt over our heads. 
  • Our USA national debt continues to soar, beyond control.
  • The USA is BANKRUPT -- the Debt cannot possibly be repaid.
  • The Value of the Dollar keeps falling, so our Dollars buy fewer goods each day.
  • Will this ongoing inflation become hyperinflation rendering the dollar worthless?
  • Or will it result in our nation be taken over by our creditors?    T
  • The earlier Great Depression pales in comparison with the perils which lie ahead.

The  moral philosophy is Objectivism, it's tenets are clear and simple; the political views are Libertarian; the Republicans and Democrats have lost their morality, leaving you with no choice.  The Right to Life is the moral foundation!
This is not a forum for debating morality, it is all spelled out here for  you.

The maze of collectivists -- altruism, mystics, moral majority freaks, socialists, communists, fascists, bleeding heart liberals, progressives (there's always a new moniker for old tricks), are not welcome on our Blogger.

You are the  problem, not the solution!

We are here to discuss solutions to:

  •  survive the chaos ahead
  •  protect ourselves against hyperinflation
  •  avoid martial law and the police state,
  •  apply libertarian/objectivist principles,
  •  protect our lives and property,
  •  unravel the mystical/socialistic state,
  •  redefine 'democracy' and fix the Constitution,
  • accomplish all without war, bloodshed or 'revolution'.

Our problem is an irrational morality of mysticism and sacrifice.  Failing restoration of moral objectivity,  this (best-so-far, but...) last vestige of freedom will disappear.  War, pillaging, starvation, hardship and political abuse will be inevitable as this world plunges into  yet another Dark Age. 

Our citizens have ceded their minds and moral principles to Big Brother -- it has been an  insidious process extending over all the years beginning with FDR.  Call it socialism or communism, it's all about "from each according to his ability, to each according to his need", and today most Americans swallow that crap without thinking or blinking.    'Need' is NOT a virtue, sacrificing ourselves to be our Brother's Keeper is irrational.  We must either 'get a grip' soon if we are to anything resembling good life within our lifetimes.

Majority 'rules' -- 'democracy' ignores rights of the minority.   We are no longer 'free', beginning perhaps with the the anti-constitutional income tax, now redistributed willy-nilly to support the lives of our most unfit and useless citizenry.   'Thou shalt not steal' applies to our citizens, but not our government.   Our Constitution needs absolute language stating that the right to private property is sacred, 'Private Property" meaning everything, land, money, business, our bodies and minds --  everything!

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  Objectivism is the only moral philosophy which can sustain Liberty.
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